Services & Prices

4 Wheel Alignment starts from - $90

4 Wheel Alignment for Lifted Vehicles starts from - $120

4 Wheel Alignment for Lowered Vehicles starts from - $120

Right Camber Bolt Installation (parts included) - $100

Left Camber Bolt Installation (parts included) - $100



You may not notice it right away, but as you get behind the wheel of your car more and more, you’ll start to notice that something isn’t quite right. You’re drifting in one direction or another. The steering is off. The angle of the wheel is misaligned. And if your car drifts to one side and you have to turn the steering wheel away from the center position to avoid veering off on an angle, that is the surest indication that you’re in need of a wheel alignment.

When you get your new tires, we recommend to do 4 wheel alignment.